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PC LED light tube extrusion line

LED light PC tube production line used for LED light tubes extrusion and making. The raw material purchase PC pellets made by LOTE, BAYER, SABIC and other relative raw material supplier. Pipe size range: T5, T8, T10, T12 single and two color LED light tubes and different kinds of new designed LED light tubes. We have rich experience in machines running and moulds designs.

PC tube production line includes the following major parts:

NO. Major parts Detail information
1 Vacuum Loading Machine+Drying Hopper Loading motor: 1.15KW, Drying power: 6KW
2 SJ-65/55 PC single screw extruder machine Driving motor:15/22KW, Capacity: 35-60KG/HOUR
3 SJ-55/45 PC single screw extruder machine Driving motor: 15/11KW, Capacity: 30-45KG/HOUR
4 Single/Two Color PC tube extrusion mould Co-extrusion die head+vacuum sizing mould
5 Vacuum Forming Machine Length: 2000mm, vacuum pump: 2.2KW, water pump:0.37KW, moving motor: 0.55KW
6 Pipe Haul Off Machine Driving motor: 0.75/1.1KW motor, 2pcs
7 Pipe Cutting Machine and Stacker Cutting motor:0.75KW, stacker length:1800mm PLC automatic control
8 Air Cooled Chiller 5HP, 8000Kcal/hour capacity
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